Fee Schedule

  • Initial evaluation and treatment $90
    This session includes a full intake and acupuncture treatment as well as evaluation for herbs
  • Return visit for acupuncture $70
    This treatment reflects the time it takes to treat both sides of the body or incorporate multiple therapies and lasts about 45 minutes, plan on an hour.
  • Return visit for acupuncture – short session $50
    This treatment allows for treatment on one side of the body (front or back) and takes about 30 minutes, plan on about 45 minutes start to finish.
  • Initial consult for herbs or consult for a new problem $70
    This consultation includes a full intake and prescription of an herbal formula that can be refilled or adjusted if necessary. This consultation also allows me to determine the range of Chinese herbal formulas that might be helpful for different problems.
  • Herbal check up/follow up for an existing problem $25
    This visit is for established patients who want an herbal follow up for an existing problem.
  • Initial evaluation and treatment child (10 or younger) $70
    A range of needle and non-needle techniques as well as herbs can be helpful in the treatment of common complaints in children.
  • Return visit child $35
  • Smoking cessation package $175
    This package includes a series of three treatments scheduled over the course of two weeks, usually an initial treatment followed by a second two days later and a third the following week. It is designed to support patients during the most difficult period of quitting – the first two days and the first two weeks.

A note on the difference between a “regular” return and a “short session” return: I offer two different types of return visits for acupuncture because different problems require different types of acupuncture treatments. A short session is not less good than a regular return – these two categories simply reflect the different amounts of time that it takes to complete a treatment. Some conditions call for one set of needles, face up or face down, and others require accessing points found on both sides of the body or the use of multiple modalities – it all depends on the person and the problem. Chinese Tung style typically calls for one set of needles retained for around 30 minutes, Japanese meridian therapy treatments generally include a root treatment on the front and release of anything tight or tender on the back. We can discuss and experiment with what works best for you.

Cancellation Policy: Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change an appointment. Appointments cancelled the day of an appointment incur a $25 fee. You are responsible for the full amount of a missed appointment.